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All School Holiday Music Concert

Wednesday, December 17, 2014
6:30pm - 7:15pm

APP at Lincoln, Auditorium
4400 Interlake Ave N.
Seattle, WA 98103

Please join us for the Holiday Music Concert performed by our talented and brilliant Lincoln students!

» Concert participation/attendance/dress rehearsal is encouraged, but not required

» Concert dress is as close to white top/black bottom (basically light top/dark bottom no need to purchase something new)

» Sharing treats after concert is not required

» This event does not affect student’s grade, all students will do self-evaluation of their preparation after the event

» For the 4/5th graders the music will be “Glo-glo-glorious” and then the “America, the Beautiful” and “A Million Little Snowflakes”

4:15                   call time for grades 1-3 dress rehearsal (show up at auditorium)
4:30-5:15              grades 1-3 onstage singing
5:00                   call time for grades 4-5 dress rehearsal (show up at auditorium)
5:15-5:30              grades 1-5 on stage singing (1-3 off stage in auditorium)
5:30-6:00              grades 4-5 on stage singing
6:15                   grades 1-3 on stage for concert, 4-5 below stage in front of auditorium on floor
6:30                   Concert Begins
6:30-7:00              grades 1-3 perform
7:00-7:10              grades 1-3 go to floor space in front of auditorium, Grades 4-5 on stage
7:15-7:30              grades 4-5 perform
7:30-7:45              grades 1-5 finale perform, end of concert
7:45                   Concert Ends
7:45-8:00              reception in lobby of auditorium

*Treat list:  If you’d like to share with us, please bring treat for 10 people by the initial of your last name
A-H    Sweet treat
I-L    Juice/drink
M-P    Cups/plates
Q-R    Napkins
S-T    Fruit
U-Z    Savory treat

Please let me know if you have any questions, the students are doing a marvelous job and are very excited!

Elizabeth Stoyanovich
Director of Music
APP at Lincoln

Music Program for APP @ Lincoln

RULER Night @ Lincoln

Thursday, December 4, 2014
5:30pm – 7:00pm
APP at Lincoln, Cafeteria
4400 Interlake Ave N.
Seattle, WA 98103
RULER Survey
We'll be in the cafeteria and have a potluck dinner.  If you can make it please use this sign-up to both RSVP and sign up for a dish to bring.  It should be a very fun evening and you'll walk away with some strategies for dealing with "tough situations."
To help us plan for future events and communication this year please also fill out this survey.  We'd love to know what YOU know about our social emotional program: RULER.  You do NOT have to attend the RULER night to fill out the survey, we'd love ALL families input. 

RULER at Lincoln

Picture Re-take Day is Tuesday, November 18th!

We still need a few volunteers to assist us with pictures on Tuesday morning.
If you are available to volunteer, we'd appreciate your help! Here's the link to sign up.
Who will have their picture taken?
»  Any student who was absent on picture day (Oct 7th) will have their individual photos taken.
»  Ms. Alva's and Ms. Adams' & Ms. Kleinhanz's classes will have both their class photos and individual photos taken.
»  Mr. Morford's class will also have their class photo retaken.
»  If you ordered pictures, but are not completely happy with your student's individual photo, Lifetouch will gladly retake it. Please return the original packet of pictures to your student's teacher by Tuesday morning to inform them you want your child's photo retaken. (If necessary, email your student's teacher to make sure they know to include your child in the retakes.)
 How to order pictures?
»  If your child had a picture taken in October but you did not order any photos, a packet went home last week with a photo-proof and directions on how to order them.  
»  If your student missed picture day in October and you did not already order pictures, you can place an order for the 18th by going to   Our picture ID is: LS614474Q1 Send the "Picture Day Pass" with your student on Tuesday.
»  If you have any issues with ordering, Lifetouch's customer service number is: 866-955-8342.
Questions? Contact Michelle Boske.


Five free lectures for parents of Lincoln students
Bullying and Kids: Strategies for Dealing with Bullying
Bullying affects all children whether they are victims, bullies or onlookers. What is considered bullying? What can you do to help your children if they are being bullied? What if your child is the bully?
  • Wednesday, November 12, 2014 7:00pm - 9:00pm, Lincoln Library
  • Kathy Slattengren, author of How To Parent in Ways that are Truly Helpful, Not Hurtful
What We Fail To Talk About When We Talk About Failing
Matt Burke will discuss options for coping with failure as well as the pitfalls of perfectionism, the freedom and pride of focusing on best effort rather than best outcome, the value of a 'growth mindset', and the role that failure has played in the success of some of our greatest intellectual and athletic heroes.  
  • Monday, January 26, 2015 7:00pm - 9:00pm, Lincoln Library
  • Matt Burke, Lincoln Psychologist
Great Conversations between Parents and Kids - Top 10 Talks to Have Together
Julie Metzger will bring her renowned straightforward approach to us in discussing important conversations to consider having with your child to promote understanding and build a base of trust & partnership.
  • Tuesday, March 17, 2015 7:00pm - 9:00pm, Lincoln Library
  • Julie Metzger, Children's Hospital
Raising Healthy Eaters
An uplifting, practical and humorous take on Nutrition presented by well-known author, TV personality and Bastyr University professor Cynthia Lair. Find out what makes whole foods best. Learn how to set sturdy yet flexible boundaries that can help you avoid food battles. Participate in a discussion about vegetables, sugar, lunch boxes and rediscovering the joy of cooking.
  • Thursday, April 23, 2015 7:00pm - 9:00pm, Lincoln Library
  • Cynthia Lair, Bastyr University professor
Seattle Public Library - Internet Safety for Kids & What the Library Can Do For You
Ms. Moehrig, the Children's Services Manager at the Greenwood Branch of the SPL, will discuss guiding your kids around their use of the internet, cellphones, social media and video games.
  • May 2015, Date TBD, Lincoln Library
  • Ms. Moehrig, the Children's Services Manager at the Greenwood Branch of the SPL

 More information on the speaker topics is available here.

» All events are free and for Lincoln parents and teachers. 
» Light snacks will be provided following each speaker event to allow for discussion and Q&A.
» Contact Allison Porter with questions.

School Bus Green Card Request Form

APP at Lincoln School Bus Green Card Request Form

Must be submitted no later than 10:30am on the day of the request
in person (by adult or student), or submitted by email to BOTH AND

School Bus Green Card Request

School Bus Green Cards must be submitted no later than 10:30am on the day of the request

A reminder to families that ALL green cards requests are due NO LATER THAN 10:30am on the day of the request.

Hand written notes or phone calls are not acceptable as a request; they must be in the format of the green card request form.

They may be dropped off in person (by adult or student) or submitted by email to BOTH AND

School Bus Green Card Request

You are more than welcome to submit them the day before.

With the other responsibilities and duties of your office staff, we WILL NOT accept ANY requests after 10:30am. No exceptions!—

Thank you much! Let me know if you have any questions.

Kate Sayles
Elementary Office Assistant
APP @ Lincoln
4400 Interlake Ave N
Seattle, WA 98103
MS NT-278

The Fall Family Dance is this Friday!

Friday, November 7, 2014
7:00pm – 9:00pm

Lincoln Gym

Sherry Nevins Fiddle Band will be playing and calling dances

Put on your boots and come on down to kick up your heels with other Lincoln families!

Please bring a small NUT FREE dessert or snack to share.

We still need a few volunteers to help set-up and clean-up.  Please email  Robin Dowdy if you can help.

See y'all real soon!

To All Volunteers and Chaperones

Volunteer Badges are now available in the office.
If you believe you have turned in all the necessary forms and completed the online ASM training, stop by the office with your I.D.
  • If your paperwork and training is complete, we will check your ID and you will be given the official (pink) Volunteer Badge.   
  • If your paperwork and/or training is incomplete, we will inform you what is missing.
If you plan to Volunteer or Chaperone this year, and have not yet turned in paperwork, please do so as soon as possible. 
To chaperone, all paperwork and training must be complete and turned in 8 business days prior to the trip or you will not be allowed to go.
If you have any questions please contact the office staff: Beth or Kate. Or, the SNAPP PTA Volunteer Coordinators.
As a reminder, here are the requirements to Volunteer or Chaperone in Seattle Public Schools:
  1. Complete the Volunteer Application
  2. Complete the Screening Form for background checks
  3. Read the Volunteer Handbook online.
  4.  After reading the Volunteer Handbook, please print and sign the Volunteer Agreement (pages 18 and 19) and turn in.*
  5. Read the Volunteer Policy 5630 online - (read only, nothing to sign or turn in)
  6. Complete the online Adult Sexual Misconduct Prevention "ASM" training (this is an audio training).  Please print a copy of the certificate of completion and turn it into the office.*
More information about Volunteering in Seattle Public Schools, links to the trainings, and copies of all of the forms* can be found HERE
(*If you print a form from online, please indicate your student's name and class/teacher on the top of the form before returning.)


TOGETHER, we have raised ­­­­­­$260,891 for Lincoln students!
THANKS TO YOU we will fund grant opportunities for our teachers.
THANKS TO YOU our students have a full-time librarian.
THANKS TO YOU our teachers get professional development.
THANKS TO YOU our classrooms are stocked with books and supplies.
THANKS TO YOU we have playground equipment.
THANKS TO YOU we can fund technology this year.
We can't help but feel that we are blessed with the most dedicated and generous group of parents in the city!
A few facts about this year's 12th Man Campaign, to appreciate you and the magnitude of your collective efforts:
·         This year's campaign lasted for just 15 days (10 school days).
·         This year's fundraising goal is the largest we have had to date.
·         82% of our funds were pledged amounts from individuals and families.
·         Individual donations ranged from $10 to $7500.
·         The average donation was $394.
·         18% of our funds came from corporate matching programs.
·         92% of our Lincoln families participated.
·         8 classrooms reached 100% participation
·         And finally, we learned that some of our teachers have a healthy competitive spirit!
By classroom and grade-level, here is our final count:
1st grade = 63/63 = 100%
·         Burke = 25/25 = 100%
·         Bass = 24/24 = 100%
·         Botsis (1/2) = 14/14 = 100%
2nd grade = 132/141 = 94%
·         Alskog = 24/25 = 96%
·         Botsis (1/2) = 10/10 = 100%
·         Buchert = 24/25 = 96%
·         Gregory = 22/24 = 91.7%
·         Hamby = 19/25 = 76%
·         Oum = 24/24 = 100%
·         Thilo (2/3) = 9/9 = 100%
3rd grade = 129/135 = 96%
·         Adams/Kleinhanz = 24/25 = 96%
·         Alva = 21/24 = 87.5%
·         Bell = 25/25 = 100%
·         Rohrabaugh = 23/23 = 100%
·         Thilo (2/3) = 13/14 = 92.9%
·         Warren = 24/24 = 100%
4th grade = 150/167 = 90%
·         Clithero = 26/28 = 92.9%
·         Eddy = 23/28 = 82.1%
·         Ford = 25/27 = 92.6%
·         Holman = 22/28 = 78.6%
·         Lagao = 26/28 = 92.9%
·         Shernoff = 28/28 = 100%
5th grade = 154/179 = 86%
·         Meyer = 26/30 = 86.7%
·         Savage = 24/30 = 80%
·         Sinclair = 25/29 = 86.2%
·         Toney = 27/29 = 93.1%
·         Underdahl = 25/31 = 80.6%
·         Walden = 27/30 = 90%
CONGRATULATIONS to our 8 classroom winners for 100% participation - (teacher & kids will plan the celebration - Annual Fund to provide pizza and skittles):
1st Grade: Mr. Bass
1st Grade: Ms. Burke
1st/2nd Grade: Ms. Botsis
2nd Grade: Ms. Oum
3rd Grade: Ms. Bell
3rd Grade: Ms. Rohrabaugh
3rd Grade: Mr. Warren
4th Grade: Mr. Shernoff
A special CONGRATULATIONS to the entire 1st grade who WON for highest grade-level participation.
Lastly, CONGRATULATIONS to Annika Y, 3rd grade. She is the lucky winner of our Seahawks tickets drawing!
It's been said that 'many hands make light work'. Thank you to our many volunteers who played a part in our success:
Allison Porter
Michelle Boske
Bert Hopkins
Heather Howland
Kathy Park
Valeri Shah
Katie Price
Becky Anderson
Michelle Chen
Elizabeth Chenette
John Lombard
Allison Linn
Erika Schroeder
Shannon Ratner
John Kushleika
Alethea Westover
Samrita Dungel              
Susanne Donaldson           
Valeri Makam
Kim McMillen
And an honorable mention to our anonymous donor who made it possible for us to raffle Seahawks jerseys and the game tickets.
Finally, special thanks to Donald Tsang for his database design, Kate Bagley for her website savvy, Shelby Ehren Meengs for putting up with late-night submissions for the Thursday Note, and Kelly Charlton for his tireless effort updating the school website and calendar.  We would also like to acknowledge Rina Geoghagen, Beth Lee, Kate Sayles, and our tireless SNAPP PTA Boardmembers for their incredible support.
Here's to turning the lights out on Annual Fund,
Daisy Tsang and Julie Yee, 2014/15 Annual Fund co-Chairs
Sarah Fuelling, Annual Fund Finances & Corporate Matches
Julie Blakeslee, SNAPP PTA Treasurer
p.s. For those of you who missed out on giving and would still like to do so, or to follow-up on your pledged donation, you may visit us at the SNAPP website to make your donation anytime. Checks can be sent to the office or to our SNAPP PTA mailing address. From this moment forward, the Fundraising folks will be silent.  

Annual Fund Update

Lincoln’s 12thMan Campaign Annual Fund Update
REASON TO CELEBRATE…We met our SNAPP Board match of $9,500 in just one day! THANK YOU, Lincoln 12ths!
UPCOMING…Just a reminder, we raffle 2 SEAHAWKS tickets on Wednesday afternoon (November 23rd game vs. Arizona Cardinals, lower level of the South endzone). All pledgecards received by Wednesday noon will be eligible to win! Click here to print a pledgecard. More information at
RECAP…as of last night, here is where we stand:
$183,187 in donations ($142,287 actually collected) + $42,517 in employee matches = $225,704 raised for Lincoln students
GAME PLAN…We have 3 days left to raise $34,296. Can we do it, 12ths? YES, WE CAN!

Breakdown of performance by grade (% pledgecards returned):
- 1stgrade: 93.7%
- 2ndgrade: 81.7%
- 3rdgrade: 69.6%
- 4thgrade: 73.7%
- 5thgrade: 65.4%

School-wide participation: 74.2%

Many thanks,
The Annual Fund Team

SNAPP PTA Annual Fund 2014-2015

Please join us this year for Lincoln’s 12th Man campaign from October 1-15th as we hope to raise $260k to support our amazing students, teachers and Lincoln community.  Our goal is 100% participation from our families, which translates to 100% pledge cards returned to school.

Families should look for RED envelopes coming home with their students via kid mail on Wednesday, October 1stNew this year, we are asking all potential donors to register online at our website, whether you make your gift online or pay with a check.  Please return your pledge card in the RED envelope so your child’s classroom can earn prizes!

Every year, we are asked whether SNAPP PTA has a suggested donation amount. We do not.  We only ask that you please consider an amount that seems right for your family.  Every dollar counts and we appreciate your generosity!

A note about Employer Matching Programs:

Please ask your employer or HR department whether they offer matching funds for charitable donations.  If so, make sure to apply for those matching funds! Seattle North APP PTA is already listed as an eligible charitable organization in many local company’s matching fund databases.  When applying, make sure that the contact information for SNAPP PTA is correct (4509 Interlake Ave. N., #101, Seattle, WA 98103,  If the contact information is not correct or North Seattle APP PTA (or SNAPP PTA) is not listed as an eligible charitable organization, please contact Sarah Fuelling at for assistance.

If you have any questions, please go to Fundraising FAQs or feel free to contact us at

We thank you in advance for your unwavering support of our students and our APP@Lincoln community…. LOUD AND PROUD FOR LINCOLN KIDS!

With Gratitude,

The Annual Fund Team

–  Daisy Tsang, Julie Yee and Sarah Fuelling

Fundraising FAQ’s

AmazonSmile - an easy way to generate SNAPP PTA contributions!
AmazonSmile is a program that allows Amazon customers to passively contribute 0.5% of eligible purchases to the charity of their choice by shopping at

Eligible products are marked with the tagline "Eligible for Amazon Smile donation" in the product details, right above the estimated shipping date.

At this time, Amazon customers can only choose one charitable organization and they must shop at for the 0.5% of eligible purchases to be recorded.
How Parents Can Use Amazon Smile
1. Go to and log in with your Amazon account information
2. After log in, enter "Seattle North APP PTA" into the search box labeled "Pick your own charitable organization"
3. Click Select next to Seattle North APP PTA
4. Parents should bookmark and make sure to use that website address when shopping on Amazon
If you have any questions, please contact our Annual Fund Treasurer, Sarah Fuelling at
Go Dragons!

Lincoln School Directory

Add your family to the APP at Lincoln School Directory!

Welcome to APP @ Lincoln

2015 School Tour Dates

We would like to welcome all parents who anticipate that their child will qualify for the APP program.  Adults only please.

Advance reservations for school tours are required.

Space is limited, so make your reservations early.

Tour reservations begin on Monday, February 2nd, 2015.

To reserve your preferred tour session, contact the APP@Lincoln main office at 206.252.5914

Monday, February 2nd Tour reservations begin
Thursday, February 19th @ 10 a.m. School tour
Tueday, February 24th @ 10 a.m. School tour
Monday, March 2nd @ 10 a.m. School tour
February 23rd - March 6th District Open Enrollment

The District Open Enrollment is February 23rd - March 5th, 2015.

Please note that if your child is eligible for APP, you must still apply for admission during the District Open Enrollment time period.

For questions about enrollment you may contact the SPS Enrollment Office directly at 206.252.0760

For additional important tour details, please see:
Tour APP@Lincoln
Upcoming Events
Additional Links

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